Zind Humbrecht Pinot-Gris Rotenberg 2000 Selection de Grains Nobles

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Zind Humbrecht

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Zind Humbrecht Pinot-Gris Rotenberg 2000 Selection de Grains Nobles

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  • Zind Humbrecht Pinot-Gris Rotenberg 2000 Selection de Grains Nobles
  • Zind Humbrecht Pinot-Gris Rotenberg 2000 Selection de Grains Nobles

One bottle of this very rare Zind Humbrecht Pinot-Gris Rotenberg 2000 Selection de Grains Nobles. Absolutely stunning sweet wine!

Pinot-Gris Rotenberg 2000 Selection de Grains Nobles
Mise 9/2001, 11.7° alc, 153 g/l SR, 26 hl/ha, 2005-2030+

This wine represents the other pant of the harvest of the Rotenberg vineyard. Intensely
botrytised, it shows an elegant nose of quince, pear, white fruits with discreet botrytis aromas.
The palate is delicate, with a low alcohol balanced with excellent acidity. The red calcareous
soil of the Rotenberg always produces elegant wines with fine acidity. In a vintage where most
wines show an obvious maturity and weight, this SGN seems almost coming from another
vintage. This wine will age slowly and certainly develop more and more flavours through the
years. (12/2001)

 (From Zind Humbrecht vintage report)


Tasting note

"Sporting 150 grams of residual sugar per liter, the 2000 Pinot Gris Rotenberg Selection de Grains Nobles explodes from the glass with stupendous aromatics of botrytis-laced peaches, spices, and apricots. Sweet yellow fruits are found in this powerful, plush, oily-textured offering. Projected maturity: 2006-2030+. "  97 points Robert Parker's WineAdvocate 

Zind Humbrecht

Were Olivier Humbrecht, MW a Rock ‘N Roll star, he would be the guy, the man, the boss, the one everyone wants to hang around. He’d be invited to every benefit concert, like No Nukes at MSG, Live Aid, Live 8 and a Tribute to Heroes. He would sing the biggest parts on the raise awareness and relief funds records like We are the World. He would headline every star-studded gathering to celebrate an influential musician’s career, like that of George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan.

Olivier Humbrecht is a winemaker. He’s also smart, France’s first Master of Wine, rooted in his region’s history and hyper aware of every nuance in each terroir. He’s an extreme scientist, biologist, geologist, viniculturalist and viticulturalist. Olivier Humbrecht is a student of many Alsace genres, techniques and methods. He’s a bit of a perfectionist. So are many Alsatian winemakers. But Olivier also has the charisma, the persona and the drive to strive for bigger and better. People want to be near that.

The rock star complex manifests itself at a tasting of the Zind-Humbrecht portfolio. Olivier has laid 14 wines on the cellar room table for a group of eight journalists and sommeliers. After leading the group through the lot, he checks his watch and sees there are a few minutes left in the allotted time. He opens two more bottles, then two more. Time is up. The group must press on. He opens another. Just one more, “for perspective,” he says. He can’t stop. The adrenaline is pumping. One more encore. Just one more Sélection de Grains Nobles…

Domaine Zind-Humbrecht is well-known to the world, considered the consummate professional vigneron d’Alsace. The wines are immaculate to a fault; pure, precise considerations out of a multitude of variegated and diverse terroirs; of those around the winery’s home in Turckheim, Wintzinheim, in Gueberschwihr, Thann and in Hunawihr. The Grand Cru holdings of Brand, Hengst, Goldert and Rangen de Thann provide the stuffing for exceptional produce but can any other winery in Alsace lay claim to so many exceptional wines from their lieu-dit and single-vineyards not classified Grand Cru? The trifecta phenomena of the Zind-Humbrecht hill parcels, “Les Clos”; Häuserer, Windsbuhl and Jebsal may as well be Grand Cru squared. The wines from these most worthy soils are dreamy and in top vintages, impossibly perfect.

Most vintners in Alsace are connected to a village, have vineyard holdings surrounding or on slopes leaning upwards from the town. Many crush and ferment in caves beneath their homes right there in the ancestral village. Above ground Zind-Humbrecht is more modern than most, in many ways the embodiment of the 21st century Alsatian facility but Olivier’s wines are deeply connected to Turckheim, the village closest to a large proportion of his vines. The region’s regulatory board decision to eliminate a village like Gueberschwihr from being used on a Riesling label is both curious and counter-productive. Olivier is an island here, not having found any other producer’s support to keep such a designation alive. The irony is not lost. A winemaker incredibly passionate about soil having to label his wine by that very concept and against his will.

Producent Zind Humbrecht
Jaar 2000
Appellation Alsace
Climat -
Flesgrootte 0,375 L
Aantal flessen 1
Conditie Nee
Waardering 97 Parker