Tenuta San Guido - "Sassicaia" 2004

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Tenuta San Guido

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Tenuta San Guido - "Sassicaia" 2004 (

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  • Tenuta San Guido - "Sassicaia" 2004 (
  • Tenuta San Guido - "Sassicaia" 2004 (

"This has a very enchanting bouquet of spring flowers, dried herbs, bay leaf, sage brush, sweet red and black fruits, baked berry. Almost dizzying aromas that are captivating. The palate has the purest silkiest red and black cherries with a very lacy texture pinned together by a mineral tinged seam which supports the immaculate framework. Everything is in balance - the acids, the tannin, the fruit. There's a remarkable sense of reserve power that the wine displays - you sense the power - it just delivers everything in precise doses. A work of art and a testament to the gentle touch of its creator. "


Chance meetings
The birth of Sassicaia wine could be attributed to two specific and fortuitous “meetings”, that of Mario Incisa della Rocchetta and winemaker Giacomo Tachis and the coming together of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The dramatic consequence of these encounters could never have been predicted, with Sassicaia wine going on to achieve global recognition and renown. A student in Pisa during the Twenties, della Rocchetta dreamed of creating a quality wine of genuine distinction. In line with most of the aristocracy at the time, his leaning was towards a Bordeaux.

Settling in Tenuta San Guido on the Tuscan Tyrrhenian coast, the Marquis experimented with various grape varieties before eventually achieving the stunning Sassicaia blend held in such esteem to this day and achieved through skilled and meticulous handling of the vines: 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Cabernet Franc, from vines aged from 7 to 40 years.

40 years to become great
No one had ever contemplated attempting to produce a "Bordeaux" on Italian soil, much less so in an area that, in wine-growing terms, was such unchartered territory. However, the Marquis’s intuition, founded upon the similarities he had noted between this area of Tuscany and Graves in Bordeaux, proved remarkably astute. Translating as gravel, Graves featured the same distinctive and rocky terrain that he found on the Sassicaia estate in Tuscany.

The prospect of working on such difficult, even miserly, terrain, seemed to influence della Rocchetta’s thinking and, initially, he decided to produce small quantities of the wine for private consumption. This is how things remained until a meeting Giacomo Tachis, a chief winemaker with the Antinori wine business, after which the two joined forces to create the vintage '65 '66 and '67 blends.

The first 3,000 copies of the'68 Sassicaia label were the first to be sold on the open market, heralding an unexpected and meteoric rise to success. No wine in the world has achieved such levels of acclaim and value in as short a space of time as Sassicaia. Even the great French wine producers such as Margaux, Obrion, Petrus took centuries to establish themselves in this way.

The reasons for a myth
If a "myth" can be defined as the perfect representation of an aspiration or ideological collective, then Sassicaia wine must fall under this definition. The demand for the wine is high but, as is often the case with such an exclusive product, the availability is often limited or exclusive. The '75 and '88 vintages are worth about 3 thousand euros, the '91 is valued at 1,500 euros, the '98 at 700, and even the more recent productions are beyond most people’s reach - you’re unlikely to pay less than 250 euros for a bottle of 2003. There are those that have tried to pour scorn on Sassaicia wine, describing the mysticism that surrounds it as overstated. Yet, the envy of rivals seems merely to have added to the demand for this famous wine. What a pity then, that only a fortunate few will ever get to enjoy this Italian nectar.

Producent Tenuta San Guido
Jaar 2004
Appellation Tuscany
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