Piemonte wine

Piemonte wines are made in the province of Piedmont, which is located in the northwestern corner of Italy. Barolo and Barbaresco are some of the best-known wines from the region. These wines are made from the Nebbiolo grape and ideal for storage. Other popular grapes used for Piemonte red wine production are Barbera and Dolcetto.

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Benjamin’s Wine Store offers you the very special Bruno Giacosa 2004 "Barolo Le Rocche del Falletto di Serralunga d'Alba Riserva". This wine is simply as profound as wine can be and includes mint, rose petal and melted road tar grace. The level of intensity of this wine is simply mind-blowing and with its ten years of age, the 2004 is a youngster, but this wine is clearly a wine of divine inspiration. The career of Bruno Giacosa in Piemonte started in 1961. He created a dizzying number of famous wines and was the only man who produced a steady stream of heroic wines in Barolo ánd Barbaresco. In short, Bruno Giacosa is one of the profoundly great winemakers of our time.

Piemonte Italy wine

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