Chablis wine

Wines from the French city Chablis are made of one grape: Chardonnay. Chablis wines are dry, fresh and fruity and despite they are made of Chardonnay, Chablis wines do not taste like the world famous stereotype Chardonnay wines at all. Chablis wines ripe in barrels of steel, instead of wooden barrels where the classic Chardonnay wines ripe in. It is not the wood, but the grape that carries the Chablis wine.


Domaine des Malandes - "Vau de Vey" 2009 is a Chablis wine which is located on a very steep slope with clay and limestone soils. The soils give this wine its unique character. Vau de Vey in its youth expresses a very delicate floral white peach aroma with classic Chablis minerality. The wine has, due to its rich acidity, good ageing potential. Did you know Chablis knows four appellations, which give an indication of the quality of the wine? Chablis wines are divided in Appellation Petit Chablis Contrôlée, Appellation Chablis Contrôlée, Appellation Chablis Premier Cru Contrôlée and Appellation Chablis Grand Cru Contrôlée

Chablis France wine

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