Louis Roederer - "Cristal Magnum" 1983 Champagne

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Louis Roederer

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Louis Roederer - "Cristal Magnum" 1983

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  • Louis Roederer - "Cristal Magnum" 1983
  • Louis Roederer - "Cristal Magnum" 1983
  • Louis Roederer - "Cristal Magnum" 1983
  • Louis Roederer - "Cristal Magnum" 1983
Roederer began life in 1760 as Dubois Père & Fils, a Champagne firm which came into the hands of Louis Roederer in 1833. The company took his name, and under his guidance it developed well. Upon his death he bequeathed the family firm to his son - also called Louis Roederer - and when he died in 1880 the firm passed onto his sister Léonie Olry, and then onto her two sons. They appended the Roederer name to their own, and so by the early 20th Century one brother's widow, Camille Olry-Roederer was in charge. From here it passed down two further generations to her grandson, Jean-Claude Rouzaud, who remained in charge until January 2006. The reins were then handed onto the next generation, as Jean-Claude's son, Frédéric Rouzaud, took on the role of Managing Director. Jean-Claude won't be signing on at the job centre though - he steps up to fill the shoes of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. A key event in the success of Roederer was breaking the Russian market, as achieved by the elder Louis Roederer. As a result the blue-blooded Russians found themselves partial to the odd glass of Roederer Champagne, so much so that Tsar Alexander II requested that a special cuvée be created; one fitting to grace the table of a royal family. And so Louis Roederer II produced Cristal, regarded by many as the first prestige cuvée. What made this sweet blend so distinctive was the packaging, being bottled in clear crystal rather than ordinary glass. It was a business coup for the Roederer family, although unfortunately one that backfired. The deposition of the Tsar that came with the October Revolution in 1917 meant that the Roederer's lost their market. They had a lot of unpaid bills, and a large stock of sweet Champagne. But the firm survived, and remains in the hands of Roederer's descendants to this day. Tasting note: Dried citrus nose with some golden apple as well. Vanilla, cream, brioche, lime zest, honey, sweet tar and shellfish. Dry and vivacious palatal feel with crispy acidity and smooth - though fading - moussé. Surprisingly youthful fruit profile with honeyed florals, burnt sugar, nuts and charcoal. Long aftertaste. Very nice and definitely a most positive surprise! Drinking beautifully!
Producent Louis Roederer
Jaar 1983
Appellation Champagne
Climat Nee
Flesgrootte 1,5 L
Aantal flessen 1
Conditie Nee
Waardering Nee