Krug Clos du Mesnil 1990 Blanc de Blancs Champagne in OWC

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Krug Clos du Mesnil 1990 Blanc de Blancs Champagne in OWC

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  • Krug Clos du Mesnil 1990 Blanc de Blancs Champagne in OWC
  • Krug Clos du Mesnil 1990 Blanc de Blancs Champagne in OWC
  • Krug Clos du Mesnil 1990 Blanc de Blancs Champagne in OWC
  • Krug Clos du Mesnil 1990 Blanc de Blancs Champagne in OWC
  • Krug Clos du Mesnil 1990 Blanc de Blancs Champagne in OWC

One bottle of one of the most stellar champagnes ever made from a mythic vineyard. Krug Clos du Mesnil 1990  Bottle has been stored in excellent conditions and comes in original wooden box. 

Tasting note:

 One of those rare wines that can move a grown man to tears. What an amazing nose it had, with wafts of white chocolate and soy bean, reservoirs of lovely pear and apple aromas touched with just enough oxidative notes to add interest, some umami white meat accents, all ringed by a little halo of white flowers. Deep, intense, intriguing - a bouquet to die for. However, as good as that was, the palate was even better. Absolutely mindblowing, with layer after layer after layer of incredibly deep, almost intense flavours of red apples and pears and cream and white chocolate filling every crevice of the palate. Powerful, yet so impeccably balanced that you barely noticed just how powerful it was - what you got instead was just waves of sensory pleasure. The ultra-fine mousse and wonderfully integrated acidity then lifted the wine into a dizzyingly beautiful finish absolutely bursting with flowers, quince, pears and figs that just refused to quit the back-palate. This was incredible - a ridiculously good wine that is beyond doubt the best Champagne I have ever had, my wine of the year, and quite possibly one of the best wines I have ever had the privilege to drink. It still astounds me that a drink made from crushed grapes can be so profoundly wonderful. While this magnum seemed to be creeping into its drinking window, I could definitely imagine it improving over the next few years. I should also add a note that this was a superb pairing with jamon iberico.." 98 points CellarTracker 


One of the most famous names in the world of wine, Krug are a small house making some of the most profound and ageable Champagnes of all. It’s quite hard to write about producers such as Krug: what more can be said than has already been said? And it’s surely not newsworthy that they’re making great fizz! But for the sake of the record, here’s my report based on a recent tasting, with some older notes on previous vintages added at the end.

A distinctive feature of the winemaking at Krug is the use of small (205 litre) barrels to ferment all base wines. These are old casks that are neutral and don’t impart any oaky flavour to the wine; instead, they allow a slow, controlled exposure to oxygen that helps add complexity to the wines.

Krug specialize only in premium Champagnes. Their most important wine is the Grande Cuvée, a non-vintage blend of real complexity and finesse that they prefer to talk of as a ‘multivintage’ wine. This is because it has up to 50% reserve wines in the blend, a very high proportion. As well as owning 20 hectares of its own vineyards, in Aÿ, Le Mesnil and Trépail, Krug source grapes from around 30 different crus. Almost all the vineyards sources are classified Grand Cru.

As well as the amazingly good Vintage cuvee, released only in very good years, Krug make a rosé (introduced in 1983) and two small production single-vineyard Champagnes which are among the most expensive wines in the world.

The first is Clos du Mesnil, a Blanc de Blancs (Chardonnay) from an enclosed 2 hectare vineyard purchased in 1971. It took a while to replant the vineyard and get it up to scratch, and the first release wasn’t until 1986, of the 1979 vintage. [This tasting was my first chance to try a Clos du Mesnil – they’re rare and seriously expensive.]

The second is Clos du Ambonnay, which is from a small Pinot Noir vineyard of 0.7 hectares, acquired in the mid-1990s. The first release of this was the 1995, in 2008. I’ve never tried it: it’s even more rare and expensive that the Clos du Mesnil.

Producent Krug
Jaar 1990
Appellation Champagne
Climat Nee
Flesgrootte 0,75 L
Aantal flessen 1
Conditie Perfect in gift box
Waardering Nee