Chateau Sociando Mallet 1997

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Chateau Sociando Mallet

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Chateau Sociando Mallet 1997

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  • Chateau Sociando Mallet 1997
  • Chateau Sociando Mallet 1997

Sociando Mallet takes its name from two previous owners. A nobleman known as Sociando held the property in 1633 and over a century later, the second part of the estates name came from a captain in the navy who owned the estate by the name of Mallet. It was Mallet who put the two names together to form Sociando Mallet. The modern era of Chateau Sociando Mallet began in 1969, when it was purchased by Jean Gautreau from the Tereygeol family. When Jean Gautreau purchased Sociando Mallet in 1969, the property had fallen into poor conditions in both the wine making facilities and their Haut Medoc vineyards. Gautreau quickly expanded and replanted the vineyards and remodeled the wine making facilities. He added new, temperature controlled stainless vats and repaired the older concrete vats. His next step was to replant and enlarge their vineyards. When Sociando Mallet was originally purchased by Jean Guatreau, there were close to 8 hectares under vine. Today, the vineyard is close to 85 hectares of vines at Sociando Mallet. The Sociandio Mallet vineyard, located in the Haut Medoc appellation is situated next to the Gironde river on gravel, clay, sand and limestone soils. The vineyard of Sociando Mallet is planted to 48% Cabernet Sauvignon and 47% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc. This cepage represents a change in plantings. Previously, the vineyard included a higher percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon and less Merlot as well as a portion of Petit Verdot. The vineyard is planted to a vine density of 8,333 vines per hectare. On average, the vines are close to 30 years of age.

Today, the majority of Bordeaux wine producers believe in green harvesting to control yields and add concentration. But that is not the case with Sociando Mallet. They have some of the highest yields in the entire region at close to 80 hectoliters per hectare in some vintages Jean Gautreau prefers to allow nature to decide on the level of the yields at Sociando Mallet. At Sociando Mallet they do not green harvest or de leaf. Those high yields are part of what gives the wine its rustic and often green character, as well as its charm, according to the many fans of the estate. in 1995, Sociando Mallet produced a special wine that was only made in that vintage, Sociando-Mallet Cuvee Jean Gautreau. The wine was made from a barrel selection and was aged in 100% new, French oak barrels. To produce the wine, Gautreau pulled the eighty best barrels from over 1,500. Those barrels were aged separately. Then, out of those 80 barrels, Gautreau pulled what he considered the top 15 barrels. Those 300 cases were bottled for his own pleasure and were not originally intended for sale. However, when he discovered he was running out of room, the wines were sold in the market place. Sociando-Mallet Cuvee Jean Gautreau is difficult to find. But it might not sell for much a premium over the standard wine. The wine of Sociando Mallet is vinified in a series of temperature controlled, stainless steel vats and a small portion of traditional cement vats. Sociando Mallet is aged in a combination of on average, close to 100% new, French oak barrels and tank. On average, 95% of the harvest is barrel aged, while the remaining 5% is aged in tank. On average, the estate produces close to 25,000 cases per year of Sociando Mallet. The estate also makes a second wine. La Demoiselle de Sociando Mallet. Sociando Mallet is one of the most popular of the classified, Cru Bourgeois Bordeaux wines


Tasting note

"This wine offers plenty of 'wow' factor as it is poured. The colour impresses, it being a typically youthful, deep red wine, with just a tinge of purple, but it is the nose that excites. It offers so much character, with aromas of black olives, lead-pencil shavings, mineral edged black fruits with a cassis edge, and a tarry, cigar-box, smoky elegance which pleases no end. This rich display is continued on the palate, which has sweet and spicy fruit, with a full weight and rich, fat texture, cut through by a healthy presence of ripe tannins which very much dominate towards the endpalate. The acidity is fairly low, but this makes the wine all the more approachable. Nevertheless, I don't think I would broach another bottle for two or three years. Although from a weaker vintage, the team at Sociando-Mallet have crafted a stunner here."

Producent Chateau Sociando Mallet
Jaar 1997
Appellation Haut-Medoc
Climat Nee
Flesgrootte 0,75 L
Aantal flessen 1
Conditie Nee
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