Chateau de Ferrand 1947

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Chateau de Ferrand

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Chateau de Ferrand 1947

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  • Chateau de Ferrand 1947

One bottle of Chateau de Ferrand  from Saint Emilion of the mythical 1947 vintage.


1947 was the second of three great postwar vintages in Bordeaux, a hat trick that began with the 1945s and ended with the 1949s. Two things distinguished 1947 from those other immortal years: It was a vintage that strongly favored the right bank, and the weather that summer was almost Biblical in its extremity. July and August were blazing hot months, and the conditions turned downright tropical in September. By the time the harvest began, the grapes had more or less roasted on the vine, and the oppressive heat followed the fruit right into the cellar. Because wineries were not yet temperature-controlled, a number of producers experienced stuck fermentations—that is, the yeasts stopped converting the sugar in the grape juice into alcohol (yeasts, like humans, tend to wilt in excessive heat). A stuck fermentation can leave a wine with significant levels of both residual sugar and volatile acidity; enough of the latter can ruin a wine, and more than a few vats were lost to spoilage in '47

"The second of the three great post-war vintage. An increasingly hot summer followed by harvesting in almost tropical conditions. The grapes had an exceptionally high sugar content but the heat caused serious fermentation problems, resulting in quite a few wines suffering from high volatile acidity. On the whole, exceptionally rich almost voluptuous wines" Michael Broadbent, Vintage Wine book

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Producent Chateau de Ferrand
Jaar 1947
Appellation St Emilion
Climat Nee
Flesgrootte 0,75 L
Aantal flessen 1
Conditie Nee
Waardering Nee