Chateau Branaire 1959

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Chateau Branaire

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Chateau Branaire 1959 Saint Julien

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  • Chateau Branaire 1959 Saint Julien
  • Chateau Branaire 1959 Saint Julien
  • Chateau Branaire 1959 Saint Julien
  • Chateau Branaire 1959 Saint Julien

One bottle of this beautiful Saint Julien from Chateau Branaire, of the epic 1959 vintage.

Tasting note:

"The fill level was a bit lower than the 1964 Haut Bailly, but the wine was perfectly good. The color is a saturated ruby red with a brick colored rim. Just like the previous wine, I uncorked it, felt its nice aromas from the bottle, put back a clean cork and left it for 20 minutes in a colder place to rest. When poured in the glass the wine is clean, again perfect limpidity, while the color suggests a healthy wine.

The bouquet is complex and intense, but suggests a more advanced maturity. The primary, fruity aromas are long gone. Instead, aromas of truffles and dried red bell pepper powder fill the glass and invade the nose. It does not have the complexity of Haut Bailly.

In the mouth the wine is more supple and stripped of its flesh. It feels like it had its peak and is now slowly and gradually moving downhill. There are assertive  tannins and very intense flavors of truffles and coffee bean on the palate. The finish is short to medium, fresh, with black tea and cedar flavors in the aftertaste"

Producent Chateau Branaire
Jaar 1959
Appellation Saint Julien
Climat -
Flesgrootte 0,75 L
Aantal flessen 1
Conditie ms/ls
Waardering Nee