Chateau Boyd-Cantenac 1982

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Chateau Boyd Cantenac

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Chateau Boyd-Cantenac 1982

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  • Chateau Boyd-Cantenac 1982
  • Chateau Boyd-Cantenac 1982

"Poured a bit without a lot of expectation, and was surprised at its fresh looking garnet color without any brown or orange meniscus, unusual for a 30 year old wine... Then a second surprise, the aroma turns out to be remarkable fresh and complex-- nothing like a Margaux's red berries and vanilla anymore of course, but just hints of new leather, cardamom, peppercorns overlaying a base of stewed dark fruit, beautifully integrated. On the palate all of that is confirmed, there is even a very mild tannic edge left, and a long finish follows." 

Producent Chateau Boyd Cantenac
Jaar 1982
Appellation Margaux
Climat Nee
Flesgrootte 0,75 L
Aantal flessen 1
Conditie Nee
Waardering Nee